About Us


SCOA is a fully-owned California IPA whose steady growth of membership from 7 to 14 groups since 1999 attests to its unique success in uniting evidence-based cancer care with the most competitive pricing possible for a patient's health plan. Learn More »


SCOA empowers physicians to maintain a strong commitment to collaboration and clinical innovation, while delivering consistent, high quality care. Learn More »


SCOA's medical oncologists provide a personal approach and innovative technologies to cancer care for 625,000 managed care enrollees in a convenient, community-based setting throughout Southern California and Orange County. Learn More »


Southern California Oncology Associates (SCOA), a network of 50 medical oncologists in 14 groups across Southern California and Orange County, has pioneered a unique approach to quality cancer care that maintains clinical excellence and personalized community-based care in today’s challenging and ever-changing healthcare environment.